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New images mostly every day, fresh from Virginia Beach... featuring Sunrises and the Magic that happens where the Sky, the Surf, and the Sand collide and mix into that Mystical State we call the Beach...
So, sit back and enjoy the view... although all the Elements are the same, they mix in entirely different and exciting ways every day... if you can't actually be on the Beach, I'll show you how it was...

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Dolphins at Sunrise, 48th Street, VB, 2.25.12

Wolf Moon Rise, 48th Street, 2.7.12

Dolphins at Dawn, 48th Street, VB, 1.20.12

Sunrise at 48th Street, VB, 1.14.12

Kayak Surf Launch, New Year's Day 
48th Street, VB

Total Eclipse of the Ship
A cargo ship passes in front of the rising Sun
10.9.11, VB

Kite Surfin' VB- the Nor'easter

Yak Surfin' VB
Hurricane Katia Swell

The Morning After Irene
The Nicest Day of the Summer

Irene's Beach
Hurricane Irene
48th Street Beach, VB

The Day Before Irene
48th Street Beach, VB

Full Moon Rising Over VB
48th Street Beach, VB

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